Smart Indexing Engine

LedgerScore’s Smart Indexing Engine uses predictive analytics to create an appropriate aggregate score. The AI in the Smart Indexing Engine quantifies each of the discrete values to construct an advanced quantitative assessment. Through sample population validation, a qualitative component is built to complement the quantitative assessment. The Smart Indexing Engine continually runs performance evaluations and uses past performance modifiers to learn and adapt the aggregate score.

LedgerScore’s data aggregate algorithm

Speed of the data source, age of the data, the amount of data available
Quality of the data built on source metrics
Coherence with other data sources
Permission data access with revocation
Validation of sample populations
Attributes available

Powerful Data on the blockchain

Smart technology at your fingertips

The Smart Indexing Engine connects to data sources using smart Blockchain oracles called LED Oracles built on Chain-link/Oracle technology.

Smart Contracts generated by LedgerScore contain the signatures of the LED Oracle for full traceability.


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