Credit Report Plus

LedgerScore cryptocurrency credit and verification reports are an essential part of how consumers and lenders make better financial decisions. Better data leads to better decisions. LedgerScore’s advanced technology, AI, and algorithms make this all possible. The platform continuously checks and re-evaluates sources, updating the scores and verification in real-time.

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Credit Report

By opening your LedgerScore Account and making your monthly payments on time, you can build a positive payment history. LedgerScore’s credit report consists of verified cryptocurrency transactions. Like traditional credit reports, your score includes Revolving Credit, Charge Cards, Installment Credit, and Service Credit.

Verification of Assets

Digitized verifications save time and money. LedgerScore verifies all your crypto assets in one place. LedgerScore verifies precisely what lenders want. The platform provides data on current balances, 2-month averages, and a 6-month average.

Verification of Income & Employment

LedgerScore is the only solution that provides real-time, relevant income streams and employment verification. Our digital verification gives multiple years of accurate income history.


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