LedgerScore ID

LedgerScore™ Secure Digital Identity

The LedgerScore digital Identity is a solution that is built around consumers and businesses. LedgerScore’s ID verifies the identity behind both sides of cryptocurrency transactions and accounts. LedgerScore unites its global payment network of verified individuals and companies. Proving your identity and validating who you are sending money to eliminates bad actors and fraudulent transactions. Every time you send or receive cryptocurrency, it is digitally recorded on the Blockchain.

Simple & Powerful

A Secure Identity for Consumers and Businesses

LedgerScore’s secure identity profile is built on military-grade security using Blockchain technology. Our platform uses public/private key encryption and data hashing to store and exchange data securely. Your LedgerScore ID and data are stored on your device, allowing only you to determine which parts of your ID are to be shared. LedgerScore ID enables third parties to validate the original data certification on the Blockchain and verifies that it has not been altered from the original.

Decentralized Identity Verification

Open Source | Self-Sovereign | Digital ID
Groups of data and attributes, organization, and individual fields
Speed of the data source, age of the data, the amount of data available
Verify your Identity once and use it over and over
Permission data access with revocation
Data read and write out of ID
Single sign-on into other apps
Supporting micropayments
Organization ID’s
Device ID’s

Own your digital identity

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KYC compliance is as easy as 1,2,3

In today’s digital world proving who you say you are matters. LedgerScore’s AI-powered identity verification and authentication solutions ensure a secure digital world experience.

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