How It Works

Our Platform

LedgerScore's suite of financial products makes it simple to start establishing a personal or business credit profile. Unlike traditional credit reporting bureaus, like Equifax, LedgerScore aggregates its data from cryptocurrency transactions. Every time you send or receive cryptocurrency, it is digitally encoded on the Blockchain. LedgerScore verifies your identity to each Blockchain transaction and cross references it with our verified network users and business partners to establish your activity.

The LedgerScore platform consists of an easy to use dashboard. Inside the platform dashboard, you have access to an array of financial tools.
Employment Verification
Transaction History
Secure Digital ID
Smart Contract Library
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Asset Verification
LedgerScore™ Tokens
Income Verification
Credit Reports

The Process

The first step to set up your LedgerScore account is to verify your digital identity. Our secure Digital ID Verifies individuals and businesses with built-in KYC/AML technologies. LedgerScore removes the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions, verifies who you are and to whom you’re sending money. The LedgerScore Secure Digital ID creates a common code of behaviors that allows for interoperability and global unity between payment networks.
Your credit data is then derived in multiple ways by using payment history collected on the Blockchain.
Crypto Transactions
Crypto Lenders
Payment Processors
Smart Contracts
Wallet Payments
LedgerScore™ Tokens (LED)
Secured Credit Building Products

LedgerScore Features

Everything at your fingertips
All in one place

Get your LedgerScore crypto credit report plus traditional personal & business credit reports from around the world.

Get Verified

Crypto Payments, Crypto Income, Crypto Assets, and your Crypto Identity.

Go Beyond Credit Scores

LedgerScore's platform includes a Digital ID, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Payment Processor and built-in Exchange.

Get Paid

Build your credit profile and get matched to free Rewards. You are just steps away from earning real cash rewards.

Custom Tips

LedgerScore makes recommendations that can help increase your credit score.

Real-time updates & monitoring

Stay up to date as it happens. You will always know where you stand.

Improve & Defend your Credit

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  • Credit Improvement

  • Real-Time Credit Monitoring

  • Watchlist for Incoming Crypto Transactions

  • Crypto and Traditional Updates

  • Reveal Links with Criminal Activity

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