LedgerScore provides unique crypto data, analytics, and technology to create insights that help businesses make better decisions

B2B Business Solution

Traditional Credit bureaus primarily make money selling credit reports, developing analytics, scoring systems, and selling credit-related services to consumers. LedgerScore makes money the same way, just using ever increasing cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain technology and AI make this all possible. LedgerScore collects and unlocks credit data by using Artificial Intelligence to validate cryptocurrency transactions on the Blockchain.

Credit Report

Scoring Systems

Educational Services


Credit Monitoring

Custom Credit Related Services

LedgerScore gathers verifiable information about cryptocurrency transactions from lenders, merchants, and payment processors. The data is submitted free of charge, then aggregated, and then sold back to them in customized reports. The key for businesses to effectively acquire new customers, and retain current customers, is by possessing the essential data that can help assess risks accurately. LedgerScore makes this all possible by unlocking credit reporting, scoring data, and by validating cryptocurrency transactions. Access to data like this has traditionally been limited to larger corporations and from data brokers. The LedgerScore data platform removes these costly obstacles and allows both big and small companies to access this information.

Finding and Buying Data Has Never Been So Effortless

Run Data Count
Find the right target data specific to your needs
Analyze and Categorize
Customize and file customer data revealing profile insight sand additional data features.
Purchase Data
Buy data directly from our website securely using smart contracts on the block chain keeping sales & content transparent and immutable. The LedgerScore™ LED token makes this all possible.

Data Assets

LedgerScore is your direct destination for acquiring, categorizing, validating,analyzing, and enhancing data.
Base Consumer Report
Global Demographic & Lifestyle profiles
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Reports
We maintain a constellation of distributed databases which contain all transactional data for the entire blockchain
Base Business Report
Global Demographic & Industry profiles

A transformative platform for
risk decisions across an organization

LedgerScore makes risk analytics fast and straightforward for financial institutions. LedgerScore’s Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform is a powerful tool for any business. We help clients manage more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with immediate, real time risk decisions. We support clients in a broad range of financial verticals, including consumer, cards, payments, e-commerce, financing, and regulatory compliance.

Integrate tools and Data Sources

Make instant credit approvals

Deploy Data Models in real time

Reduce Decision Risk


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